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Proud to be a Hufflepuff

Peekaboo!!! I <3 that cat... かわいいです!(Kawaii desu!)

Home of Black and Gold... and a badger.

[default] me-puff puff

Welcome to my journal! Here you'll find my random musings, including (but not limited to) work, theme parks, art, life, and cosplay. Please COMMENT TO MY "FRIENDS ONLY" POST so I can add you! Chances are likely I won't add you back if you don't comment!!

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[default] me-puff puff

I <3 that cat... かわいいです!(Kawaii desu!)
  • haha, that's one of the many ways karma wakes me up in the morning. She sneaks up on me, sniffs my mouth & face and then curls up by my head. :)
    Probably the best way to be woken up in the mornings. ^_^
  • so that's why my cat aways tries to sleep with me, lol
  • meow

    That is so cute!!! yeah my cat will only sleep at my feet and doesn't stay that long but she does do that to my family sometimes...
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