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Proud to be a Hufflepuff

Help, please!

Home of Black and Gold... and a badger.

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Welcome to my journal! Here you'll find my random musings, including (but not limited to) work, theme parks, art, life, and cosplay. Please COMMENT TO MY "FRIENDS ONLY" POST so I can add you! Chances are likely I won't add you back if you don't comment!!

Help, please!

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[default] me-puff puff
Jamie (lolita_minako) is going to let me make a costume for her new doll, a Souldoll Soulkid Miryu, for a doll meet at Megacon. That is, if she gets her in time. The doll will be wearing Miyuki's default wig and is coming with amber eyes. Because I am doll-less, Jamie is letting me enter her in the costume contest at the doll meet.

Well, I want to make her a Chii costume. A NICE one. I want to win this doll contest because the main prize is $100 that I can put toward MY doll (my first being Dana boy-type, with the girl type as my second eventually). And because it would be my creation/entry, Jamie is letting me keep every penny if I won, even though it's her doll.

Poll #892198 Which Chii is better?

Please choose your favorite!

Thanks ahead of time!!

**Unlocked so those friended to locked_in_ice but not me can vote, too!!**
  • I can't wait to see what people picked!!! I am so excited! I will do my best to see that she gets in on time! Luckily, after she is paid off, she gets overnighted here! If I have her before Try outs for chess, I will bring her there for you and you can return her at the con or something.
  • Oh snap, it looks like a perfect tie right now

    I think they are equal in prettiness, but she would just look so cute in purple!
  • Purple is my favourite colour, but the orange Chii is cuter. In my humble opinion.
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