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21 May 1985
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Hello! I am Julie! Star sign: Gemini, Chinese sign: Cow ~moo~. I am the youngest of three (even though one is my twin, but she is older) and I work in a theme park. I also have to cosplay-if I didn't I think I would just die! It is so much fun! Woo-hooo! Yeah... I am also a bit on the perky side. =^.^=;; You'll get used to it.

~*~Likes~*~: Cosplay, Duo Maxwell, cats, art, school, hanging with friends, cats, performing, cats, baseball, Red Sox, Boston, Disney, Universal, anime, cats, sewing, helping people, cats, Final Fantasy games, King of Fighters games, numerous other video games and RPGs, Orlando...
~*~Dislikes~*~: Politics, people thinking they are better than you, stuck up people, wannabes, people chewing with thier mouths open (We are humans, not cows, people!!!), seeing my friends get hurt, cheaters, backstabbers

As a warning, I am a person that will follow what her heart says. And I will not hesitate to stand up for my friends. Things like this cause me to do things people find crazy. Don't say I didn't warn you...

My journal is "friends only", so click the image above to be added. I would like to know who is reading this, plus there are a few people that have flamed me so I don't want them here. I like to make friends, so comment if you want to give me a try. I am always willing to give anyone a chance. =^_^=v If you don't comment I won't add you!!

Where you can find me:
ACP: http://www.acparadise.com/acp/display.php?a=12184
CosplayLab: http://www.cosplaylab.com/cosplayers/detail.asp?memberid=8474
Cosplay.Com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/7846/
CosSpace: http://www.cosspace.com/Neko_Kaolla
deviantART: http://neko-kaolla.deviantart.com/
Fanfiction.Net http://www.fanfiction.net/~jujukitten

Moderator of cosplaylab_rats, moon_cosplay, and cameko_kitty.

Present Twilight movie mood theme by putmytearsonice. Usagi/Sailor Moon set by badeperle, and Rinoa set by crackified, but the Duo set was made by me.

Some textures, bases, gradients, and brushes are made by the approximatly 3400 talented members of icon_extras, 100x100_brushes, and photoshopextras. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a flake sometimes and have NO idea who made what base, texture, gradient, and/or brush. =^.^=;; If you see an icon with a graphic you have made, please comment here with proof that you made it so I can give you credit where it is due. So sorry about this!!!

Here are the people that I could find/remember:
Brush and Texture Credits: _euphory, miss_snoopy, anyathe, aranelmanveri, sugarplumkitten, ewanism, haito, iconvexity, illgoest, juuichi, kizzmon, niqii, perfetc__, sanami276, tona_91, trixicons, wonderland__, setine_kitsune, phaust_, omgkthx, daughterofsnape, emoico, lovemelivemusic, jayde_summers, fully_alive, amethystia100, haydens__hunnie, xsnehax, latexandleather, starlit_designs, libumkeiki, strawberry_mp3, applehoney, anon_chan, tsukichan, meleada, graphicss, mrs_spock, wicked_enough, sleeping_icons, hexicons, unmasked_icons, brithla_icons, fangirls_inc, laurasue, dreamydaydream, arisubox, anglesey, missymw88icons, mubee, big_rock_show, _iconographer, rxyangl, omg_pretty, luxbrush, _chokeanddie, iiokua, scrapbookart, elijahelectra, gunslingngeisha, mutsie_brushes, feikuai, simpleandclean

**I don't have all the texture and gradient files, so those are credited on the user pics page**

Some icon templates from icon_templates, newsie__nympho, icontemplated, Templates Resource, and Coveted.net. Some textures/bases from lily_designs, icon_extras, and icon_templates. Downloaded some brushes from Studio 911 Design and KissMyPixels.

See all of my stamps, colorbars, adoptions, and other fun things here!!
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